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Do you know the financial health and position of your business? Having your numbers together is essential to succeed in business. Knowing where you are now allows you to learn from past mistakes and effectively plan for the future. We understand that not everyone lives and breathes numbers like we do, so having a CFO bookkeeper on your team can be invaluable.  

Monthly Management

Dolman Bateman uses cloud-based software to reconcile your invoices, bills and account transactions. This allows for up to date financial information to be available. Each month a management report is prepared which summarises the previous month performance and key ratios. On top of that we can offer personalised meetings to go over your business.    

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Plus even more


  • Monthly Management Reports

    Your monthly go to summary and analysis of your performance.  

  • Analysis Meetings

    Meet with one of our friendly experts to discuss your numbers and go over what these mean for you

  • Accounts Receivable

    Have your debtors contacted regularly so you can avoid bad debts
  • Compliance

    Have your periodic activity statements, tax returns and financial accounts sorted  

  • Grant Assistance

    Going for a specific government grant? We can assist with any financial requirements they need so you receive approval fast.  


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We are offering a free 30 min consultation to help provide you with the right advice suitable for your personal situation and get you set up on the right accounting path.