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Taxation Services


Built with you in mind

Our experienced tax accountants specialise in providing the following services to our clients.

Our clients range from Individuals to large corporate structures, that provide a range of services including; e-commerce, Business, Hospitality, Healthcare ( doctors and dentists), Real Estate, Retail, Education and Training (RTO), Building and Construction, Property Developments, Plumbers, Electricians, Landscapers, Media, Advertising and many more…

  • Individual Tax Returns

    We can help maximise your refund

    Maximise your tax refund, ensure compliance and optimise your personal accounts with our expert tax advice. We can complete your tax return, manage your accounts, protect your assets and enable you to streamline your tax with effective tax strategies.

  • Sole Trader Tax Returns

    We have years of experience as tax accountants working with small businesses in Sydney, especially startup businesses, self-employed, contractors, and tradesmen.

    We specialise in providing expert, one-on-one accounting services and taxation advice to:

    • Small businesses through to medium-sized businesses
    • Tradesmen and Builders
    • Medical Practices and Professionals
    • Property Investors
  • Partnership Tax Returns

    Every partnership must lodge a partnership tax return at the end of each tax year. Our tax agent team help ensure ATO-compliant lodgement of partnership tax returns, helping to avoid ATO complications while providing personalised advice to reduce tax expenses.

  • Bookkeeping

    We provide reliable accounting services for businesses that tailored to any specific business needs. We can help you to maintain accurate records accordingly as for Tax & GST purposes. Regular management accounts include Individual Customer Account Balance, Supplier Account Balance, Payroll Account Balance, Miscellaneous Account Balance. We take away the hassle of bookkeeping and offer a fixed competitive fee that are payable on a monthly basis.

  • Payroll Tax Lodgements

    We are here to help.  Keeping track of superannuation schedules for all employees is a daunting task as it you can not afford to get it wrong.

    Leave it to us to do your math and stay on top of all ATO and new rulings & requirements to ensure payroll is accurate and payment is made on time. We use Xero software where each employee can edit their personal details, submitting leave, add & adjust their own time sheets. Towards the end of each week, weekly time sheet can be automatically locked in and submitted to you for review.

  • Capital Gains Tax

    Are you wanting to invest in real estate? It’s a wise move to make your capital gains accountant one of your main contacts, as this can save you many thousands of dollars in property capital gains tax (CGT) down the track. This ensures your end investment goals are clear and your chosen ownership structure is optimal for you.

    Our team of Chartered Accountants use up to date intelligence in advising property investors on investment feasibility, asset protection, depreciation, tax minimisation and ownership structures.

  • Self Managed Superannuation

    Self managed superannuation funds offer you the opportunity to control your retirement investments. With over 43% of all superannuation assets held in self managed superannuation funds, they represent a popular choice for many Australians.

    A self managed superannuation fund is not for everyone, but it can offer significant advantages in terms of both flexibility and control. The rules associated with superannuation are complex and in cases where the rules are broken the penalties are up to 50% of the assets of the fund. We will help you navigate these rules.

    Our Service

    We provide a full SMSF administration service including:

    • New SMSF setup including corporate trustee.
    • Setup of new bank and trading accounts.
    • Management of all paperwork and correspondence from your investments and the tax office.
    • Preparation of financial accounts – monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly & yearly.
    • Preparation and lodgement of annual income tax and regulatory returns.
    • Annual regulatory audit of fund.
    • Advice on investment strategies and tax minimisation.
    • Assistance and training on how to trade and purchase investments.
    • Preparation of all the paperwork required to start all types of pensions.
  • Company Tax Returns


  • E- Commerce Business Tax


  • Trust Tax Return


  • Superannuation

    We provide comprehensive support services for SMSF, from accounting to financial advice. If you are looking for more control on how to manage your SMSF, this is the right place to start as we act in your best interests. We can help you set up and monitor it to ensure that it meets compliance obligations.A Self-Managed Super Fund may sound appealing at first, however, if not handled properly, it could put you into a far worse situation in retirement.Irrespective of making a decision in switching to SMSF or you just simply would like to learn more about this area, it is important to get independent and unbiased professional advice from qualified accountants and financial advisers.

  • Fringe Benefits Tax Return


  • Business Activity Statements (BAS)

    Business Activity Statement (BAS) is a fact of your business life which can be either a monthly or quarterly basis. It summaries the Total Amounts of GST payable and receivable for a certain time, including PAYG and ABN withholding tax. We can help you to identify the need to register GST at the outset and continue to monitor your tax return, so that we can ensure the compliance of current tax law. In addition, should there be a need to cancel your registration of GST for some reasons, we will notify you on a timely manner. In determining the most suitable GST schemes for your business, we also need to look at the type of business that you are in and the eligibility together, as some GST schemes may entitle you the right to a certain amount of tax savings.

  • Taxation Planning

    Once the financial year has ended, we are limited in what deductions and tax savings we can include in your tax return.

    The real tax savings are available to those who plan for tax both in the short term and the long term. Seeing your accountant after the end of the year is too late. If you run a business then even greater tax savings can be achieved through proper planning.

    In the tax planning session, we will examine your income, expenses and future plans and provide you with personalised action plan for making even greater tax savings in the coming year.

  • Foreign Income Tax Returns for Amazon Business


  • Superfund Auditing

    Dolman Bateman provides superfund auditing across Australia for individuals with SMSFs, financial planners, accountants and administrator practitioners who are managing multiple self-managed superfunds for their clients.

    Our team of qualified auditors will quickly respond to your auditing requirements and offer a low cost service with the fee being agreed and capped prior to the audit being performed.

  • US Tax Returns


  • Tax Minimisation Strategies


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