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Our objective

" To be a “one stop shop” so clients can have a single coordinated point of contact for all your financial affairs. We aim to make our fee arrangements as transparent as possible, and the delivery of our advice as sophisticated yet simple as possible. Our financial advice is your future and we take it very seriously.

Our Advice Philosophy

Dolman Bateman Financial is a specialist financial advice business. Our belief is that advice should be fit for purpose and in the best interest of clients. We have structured our advice delivery process and compliance systems to ensure that our clients receive the best advice they can get when they come to Dolman Bateman. Unlike traditional financial planning practices, Dolman Bateman is not bound by a set list of product from which we make recommendations. We are able to recommend shares, managed funds, an investment property, buying into a private business, the list goes on. Advice starts with the client first. Products are not the beginning of a financial plan, they are means of implementing a broader financial plan.

Dolman Bateman Financial maintains the integrity of its advice through the following:

  • All strategies are understood and discussed with at least two directors to ensure consideration is given to: – the client’s existing situation, goals and objectives – the client’s current products – taxation – appropriate legislation – investment and other risks – liquidity and cash flow – estate planning and estate tax
  • Each SOA is read and agreed upon by two directors before being sent to Dover for final review and archiving.
  • All advice is reviewed with clients at least annually with optional 6-month reviews to ensure it remains appropriate and in their best interests. This process ensures that our clients, and the Dolman Bateman name, are held to the highest standard.

Built with you in mind

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Smart Money Management using brilliant Xero software

Our Smart Money Management system is like no other. Using the latest in technology to feed bank accounts and transactions data into secure cloud based software, we empower our clients to make major financial decisions with absolute confidence.

  • Analyse and understand where and how you spend your money
  • Prioritise your expenses, set your goals
  • Use technology to help you track your savings or debt reduction goals
  • Get monthly reports on your progress
  • Plan your next house, holiday, car with CERTAINTY!

Smart Super Management (including self-managed super)

Dolman Bateman Financial are experts in super. We pride ourselves on our ability to analyse peoples’ super funds and tell them what they should be earning and what fees they shouldn’t be paying. It’s a big industry, and we make sure our clients are getting the most from it.

  • Fees: we will tell you what you’re really paying!
  • Performance; we will tell you what you should be earning!
  • Choose the right investments for you
  • Get the right fund for you (industry, personal, SMSF)
  • Recommend the best strategies for you
  • When can I RETIRE???
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Smart Personal Risk Management

One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking their super funds has adequate cover for them and their dependents. This is almost never the case.

Dolman Bateman Financial helps educate you on what insurances are available and what insurances you should have. After that it’s a matter of finding a balance between need and cost.

  • Where to get the best insurance
  • How to best pay for it; using your super fund or pay it yourself
  • What insurances do you really need; Life, TPD, Trauma, Income Protection
  • Helping you if you need to claim

Smart Business Risk Management

Business owners should be assessing the risks that face their business not just from external sources such as competition, but also internal risks which includes the disruption that could be caused if a key person is sick or injured and unable to complete their duties.

Another key risk is to do with the transfer of a business interest if an owner suffers a critical event or worse. The last thing the other owners want is for a surviving spouse to have decision making control in a business they may know nothing about.

  • Use our questionnaire to analyse risks to you or your business
  • Propose risk mitigation strategies
  • Monitor and review risks
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Smart Investment Management

The investing world can be a scary one. The key to any good investment plan is to understand your time frame for investing and your level of comfort with different asset classes.

Asset classes include: Australian and International shares, Fixed income (bonds, term deposit), property, infrastructure and alternative investments (hedge funds).

It’s not just about choosing the right assets to invest in, it about establishing those investments using the right ownership structure be it individually held, through a trust, company or self-managed super fund. We can tell you what will work best for you.

You should never take more risk than is required to achieve your investment objectives. Dolman Batemans investment philosophy is one of conservatism. Ask us about it today or see our Corporate Profile for more information.

  • Set your investments goals
  • Understand your tax position now
  • Plan for your future needs
  • Recommend assets; property, shares, term deposits, a business

Our Investment Philosophy


At Dolman Bateman Financial, our approach to investment is one of conservatism. There are essentially two types of investing: passive/index investment and active investment. We generally recommend passive investing using index funds. Index funds are either managed funds, or exchange traded funds (essentially managed funds tradable on the ASX but with a few small tax and other differences).

Passive investment funds simply buy a portfolio of assets that mimic an index, such as the all ordinaries index or the S&P200 index. Index funds generate a return, before fees, that is almost the same as the index it is tracking (some funds may have timing delays). An index investment carries less overall investment risk than an active investment as your investments are so diversified that you effectively own some of every share or security that makes up the relevant index. Index investment managers also charge lower fees.

Active managed funds, on the other hand, believe they can obtain better than index (market) returns and will pick investments they believe will outperform the index. Your risk then extends beyond the general market risk. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has said, “Actively managed funds are more expensive as you are paying for the investment skills of the fund manager. Unfortunately actively managed funds rarely consistently outperform the market and any extra profits are often outweighed by extra fees paid to the fund manager.”

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Direct Property

Many of our clients prefer to invest in direct property. While we do not recommend specific properties, we do advise on the taxation and investment characteristics of property acquisition and management.

General Risks of Investing

All investing involves risk. Generally, the higher the investment risk, the higher the return you would expect to receive for taking that risk. Higher risk products generally have higher fluctuations in price in the short to medium term so you should only invest in these sorts of products if you have a long term investment view and do not require access to your funds in the short term.

Portfolio Construction

Although our approach to investments is simple, portfolio construction is much more scientific. A good portfolio needs to be constructed in such a way that it meets the needs and objectives of the client while being flexible to possible changes in their situation. Nothing is permanent. Our focus in portfolio construction is to make sure clients have access to their funds where and when they need it. We are not here to tell clients what they can and can’t spend their money on. It is our job to educate and guide clients on the impact that their financial decisions will have on their goals and objectives – and hence, on their lifestyle.

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