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Cryptocurrency Accounting

Designed for clients that invest in cryptocurrency


Crypto Accounting

Crypto is increasing in popularity as more and more people see the potential in this form of investing. It is also a Wild West of taxation meaning having an expert you can trust in this sector invaluable. At Dolman Bateman, we specialise in the taxation compliance relating to crypto.

We understand crypto

Crypto is an investment asset similar to shares, but the returns can be difficult to calculate. However, come tax time, crypto can be a thorn in the side of a taxpayer. We understand how crypto works, and more importantly, how the ATO views crypto assets.


What we can provide for you?

  • Revenue/Capital Account

    We provide individualised assessment and advice to determine the appropriate treatment of crypto gains/losses in your annual tax return.

  • Knowing what movements count

    Crypto is more complicated than the initial buy and sell of the asset. For example, if you trade one crypto type for another that can count as a CGT event and be included in the return.

  • Specialised Reporting

    Working out your crypto gains and losses can be tedious and time consuming but we can do all this for you. 

  • Expertise

    We specialise in this industry – we understand what you need to consider more than most other accounting firms

  • Structure Advice

    What structure would best suit your investment portfolio and how this relates to tax

Why choose us?


A Team that gets it

Crypto is still a fairly new way of investment that is becoming more popular. We are a team of accountants that understand crypto and also invest in crypto. Having a team like us saves you the distress of whether or not your accountant understands your financial position.

One-stop shop

Whether it's your personal, business tax or investment portfolio. We can help you. We are your one-stop shop for all tax matters.


We stay up to date as the ATO provides further guidance relating to crypto.

Crypto Annual Report Pricing

Consolidated reporting from all your exchanges and wallets into one report for the ATO


$500 + GST

Annual Crypto CGT Report 
  • < 3,000 Transactions


$900 + GST

Annual Crypto CGT Report 
  • < 25,000 Transactions


$2,000 + GST

Annual Crypto CGT Report 
  • < 120,000 Transactions

Bot Trader

$3,600 + GST

Annual Crypto CGT Report 
  • < 250,000 Transactions



  • Pricing is only for a single report for the one year requested
  • Pricing does not include preparation and lodgement of your tax return
  • Pricing can vary from time to time

Book a meeting with us today 

We are offering a free 30 min consultation to help provide you with the right advice suitable for your personal situation and get you set up on the right accounting path.