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I just met with one of our clients that has developed a fantastic field service software for businesses with workers out in the field like plumbers, builders, service technicans, electricians and maintenance workers.

The software service is called Connect2Field. The main benefit is that automates whole processes that can make operating field workers an inefficient and costly operation. By leveraging technology, it will make any business running a service operation more efficient and profitable.

Your field workers use standard technology like an iPhone rather than expensive custom made solutions.

A typical example of how Connect2Field works:

  • Customer rings in with new job;
  • Person in Office records the job details in Connect2Field;
  • The job details is then instantly sent to the field worker that you chose;
  • The field worker accesses all the relevant data via their iPhone onsite including client history, previous service calls and relevant details about the site;
  • Field worker completes job and then can do the invoicing on the spot and even collect payment via credit card.
  • The invoicing is then automatically integrated into your Xero accounting software.

In addition, they also have scheduling functions so you can plan your jobs in advance, inventory management and SMS functionality so you can give SMS updates to your customers on the progress of the job.

Connect2Field can be found at