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Inventory Planning Spreadsheet - SSF2023

At Southern Seller Fest 2023, I spoke about "How SKUdrop changed our business" and in that presentation I offered the Google Sheet that we developed for sending inventory to Amazon every weekly.

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By changing our inventory management from ordering every 3-4 months to ordering monthly and changing our shipment to Amazon cycle from every month to every week, we:

  • Halved the amount of inventory we needed to serve the same level of sales;
  • Increased our Amazon Inventory threshold so that we are now using just 30% of our threshold.

The transformation was due to:

  • Using to store our inventory in China and send to Amazon USA.
  • Shipping Weekly and Ordering Monthly; and
  • Our Inventory Planning Spreadsheet which turns a complex task into a simple system.

Below is a video on how it works and you can get a copy of the Google Sheet here.

It works best with - a connector between Seller Central and Google Sheets, which means that you can get live Amazon data automatically into your spreadsheets.