As Forensic Accountants, we provide expert accounting evidence as to value and quantum and assist solicitors, barristers and others in understanding and deciphering


Our focus is helping you and your business grow and become more profitable. Our approach and strategies will keep you ahead of your competition.


We provide our clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge to reduce and minimise their tax by proactive tax planning and a close understanding of their business


Self managed superannuation funds offer you the opportunity to control your retirement investments. We can help you set up and administer your own super fund.


Forensic Accounting


Complex Economic Loss Calculations Made Easy

  The Past Economic Loss Calculator is only available to members of the Lawyers Section, click here to join. The latest Lawyers Section calculator will save you hours in your economic loss calculations. It enables you to enter different periods of a plaintiff's earnings. Just click … [Read More...]

buying or selling a business

When You Sell Your Business, What Are You Selling?

When someone is looking to buy your business, they are looking to buy one of three things: YOU – your skills, expertise, knowledge contacts YOUR CUSTOMERS – or more specifically the cashflows that those customers generate YOUR SYSTEMS – or your business model The biggest price will always … [Read More...]

Business Wisdom


Working the Odds In Your Favour Through Split Testing

Reducing Risk Through Structured Email List Management & Split Testing Email is one of the most powerful forms of sale generation for eCommerce businesses because you are talking to people who already bought from you. They already know, like and trust you. The key to exponential growth in … [Read More...]

Business Growth pentagon

The 5 Essential Numbers for Your Business Success

In this video, I show you how just small changes to the 5 critical multipliers in your business can have an exponential effect on your profits and business value. The process of increasing profits and business value does not depend upon massive changes, a killer marketing campaign or a big … [Read More...]


Government Super Contributions

Government Super Contributions: Low Income Super Contribution and Super Co-contribution

Low-to-middle income earners can take advantage of this offer from the government to boost their super savings. There are two ways of obtaining a contribution into your super account. You can obtain this through the low income super contribution (LISC) and the super co-contribution and they are not … [Read More...]

loss of superannuation

Loss of Superannuation – Zhang v Golden Eagle International Trading Pty Ltd

In Zhang v Golden Eagle International Trading Pty Ltd and Ors [2006] NSWCA 25, loss of superannuation was calculated at 11% of the net loss of earnings. This is effectively a short cut to calculating loss of superannuation in personal injury cases because superannuation is 9% of an employee's … [Read More...]

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