Creel Price Interview


I interviewed a good colleague of mine, Creel Price. If you aren’t familiar with Creel, he’s an Australian serial entrepreneur who launched 10 businesses before he left University. Creel than went on to Co-Found Blueprint Management Group with $5,000 in start-up capital and sold it a decade later to the ANZ for $109 million.

During the interview we discussed with Creel if it was possible if there is “One Thing” that creates more business success than any other? A question Creel is regularly and constantly asked.

Tune in to this interview, to understand the ‘One Thing’ all business owners and managers want, but may not know it yet.

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*update* Creel is running a one day conferences between March through May, called ‘The Numbers Game’ designed to transform your understanding of business and the role you play in it. Click here to find out more.