Do you sell what your customers want to buy?

Most businesses miss out on many customers and end up competing on price because they are not offering their customers what they what to buy.
That sounds silly doesn’t it, their customers are buying from them.

In most cases, their customers are buying a product or service that they think will satisfy their particular need. They are looking for something and they have to shop around to find out whether a particular product can satisfy that need. But the problem is that the businesses are selling something completely different, usually features of the product and not the benefits of ownership.

A simple example, look in the classified section of your local paper for TV antennas. When people are looking for TV antennas, they are looking for generally one thing – perfect reception.

Now look in the local paper, how many classified ads, which are not cheap, offer perfect reception. They offer free quotes, digital antennas, analog antennas, 30 years in business, 1300 number but not perfect reception.

I would like to bet that all of those TV antenna installers would deliver perfect reception, or they would come back until it is perfect. How many of them sell perfect reception?

They are not selling what their customers want to buy.