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Disputed Wills and Estates


What is the role of forensic accountants in disputed wills and estates? Our role in disputed wills and estates litigation has covered the following areas.


Determining the real value of the estate

Often the executors of the estate value the business and associated companies at book value only, rather than the underlying marketing value of the assets. The estate may have an interest in a company, in which the executors value the net assets at book value. Book value does not reflect unrealised capital gains, goodwill or the value of sudsidiary companies within the group. We provide expert valuations of the companies and businesses within the group so that you can understand the real worth of the estate.

Unravelling Complex Financial Structures

In many high net worth families, there are often complex financial structures in place that span generations. We unravel those financial structures and present them in form that beneficiaries,  solicitors, barristers and judges can understand quickly and easily.

Present Value of Maintenance

We provide calculations as to the lump sum required to provide an income for the support of a beneficiary. These present value calculations take into account the relevant tax rates, the tax benefits of superannuation, assumptions as to inflation and earnings rates.


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