Recycling Content – Making The Most of Your Marketing

Many law firms are producing a lot of great content but the content is either distributed in such a limited format or poorly optimised that the message and the benefit of content is lost.

The direct mail newsletter has been a marketing stalwart for legal practices is carefully scripted, printed and sent out to your clients. The impact of a single newsletter has an effective life of a few days. In order to result in an immediate action will depend upon the reader having the legal problem at the time that they are reading your newsletter. Whilst newsletters and journals were the primary way of distributing your knowledge in the past, your prospects are more than likely to research their problem via Google first.

The approach today is to have your newsletter material available permanently via your company blog – available when people are searching for either a solution to their problem or looking for someone who understands their problem and can offer a solution.

I have also seen a number of firms publishing their articles only as pdf’s rather than as blog posts. The structure of their site and the manner in which updates are published fails to take maximum advantage  of their content. The content is often difficult for both users and Google to find. They should be producing the articles as blog articles and a pdf.

The company blog, closely integrated with your website, is one of the most powerful internet marketing tools available to all businesses.

 The Old Process.

Produce newsletter and send to your mailing list. The next  month, produce a new  newsletter on a different set of issues and send to your mailing list. A large proportion of your carefully constructed newsletter will unfortunately go in the bin and be unread.

The New Process.

  1. Regularly produce articles on your area of speciality and publish on your company blog. Optimise articles for search engines. These articles will be available 24/7 whenever someone is looking for a solution to that problem. Some not all, will end up ranking very well in Google for long tail search terms.
  2. Package regular blog articles together into a email newsletter to your mailing list. You can even put together a print version of the articles.
  3. Put a package of related articles together as a pdf ebook and collect visitors email address in return for a copy of your valuable content.
  4. Produce a video of the blog articles and post on YouTube and embed YouTube video on your blog. Not everyone likes to read.

So much time is spent creating marketing content that is of relevance to your market, that it is a waste to just use it once. The sys